adolescent visit

Adolescent visit

Adolescence is a period of major physical, psychological, and social development. As adolescents move from childhood to adulthood, they assume individual responsibility for health habits, and those who have chronic health problems take on a greater role in managing those conditions.

Initiation of risky behaviors is a critical health issue during adolescence, as adolescents try on adult roles and behaviors. Risky behaviors often initiated in adolescence include unsafe sexual activity, unsafe driving, and use of substances, including tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs.

Receiving health care services, including annual adolescent preventive well visits, helps adolescents adopt or maintain healthy habits and behaviors, avoid health damaging behaviors, manage chronic conditions, and prevent disease.

All children should receive appropriate education about the changes of puberty and what to expect for themselves and classmates.

At Ola Pediatrics we provide a comprehensive well-care visit with a primary care practitioner

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