school aged visit

School aged visit

(Parental concerns)

Well-child visits are not just for infants. Your grade-school children need them as well. Although well child visits are most frequent during infancy, when development is most rapid, at Ola Pediatrics we will continue to see your older child yearly to make sure his or her development is progressing at the proper pace.

At these visits the following will occur:

  • A discussion about your child’s diet and reinforcement of healthy eating habits
  • Your child’s elimination and sleep patterns
  • The doctor will ask a series of questions concerning your child’s intellectual and behavioral development. These questions will vary by your child’s age. This includes how your child is performing in school, how he or she is interacting socially with friends and family members, and how your child is dealing with their feelings.
  • Hearing and vision screening yearly
  • Blood pressure screening yearly
  • Height and weight yearly
  • A thorough physical exam yearly including a genital exam
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